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  • photo of Linda Shepard

    Linda Shepard



    Linda is a Creative Director with a reputation for making things happen. No matter how nebulous the request, no matter when, no matter what was tried before, she can bring marketing communications to life. She has a talent for asking the right questions to the right people to gain a clear understanding of the desired outcome. She can translate and simplify complex subjects into a single-minded message that resonates with the audience.

    What she can do for you

    Linda is a generalist. She does a little bit of nearly everything: print design, branding, web design, presentations, motion design (video), and information hierarchy. Linda will get to know your brand and advocate for it. She’ll strive to create communications that drive action. She’ll bring in the right specialists for the right projects at the right time and manage the process to make your job easier.

    Linda will be your primary point of contact with Shepard Art Studio, will handle day-to-day operations, communications, graphic design, project management and invoicing.


    Linda is the current owner of Shepard Art Studio, a graphic design and creative direction business founded in 2008. Prior to that, she was a creative director for Nationwide, an art director for OCLC and a graphic designer and manager for an in-house print shop at the Columbus Board of Realtors. Linda has a bachelor’s degree in industrial design from Charleston Southern University. She has 24 years of experience in graphic design.

  • photo of Brian Greenwood

    Brian Greenwood

    Graphic Designer & Creative Direction


    Brian is a creative and development veteran of over 21 years, he has become a master of his craft and the many skill sets needed to execute it effectively. He has worked with groups ranging from small non-profit start-ups to sports franchises to a multi-billion dollar corporation.

    What he can do for you

    If you need a brand developed and then executed in advertising communications ranging from a vehicle wrap promoting a facebook page that links to an ADA compliant responsive web site that is tied directly into your back office...You need Brian. Brian is in the front of the bell curve with technology and has a passion for helping non-profits succeed. He will learn the barriers you face, and help you overcome them. He will understand the limits set forth by legal restrictions and how to work within them. He never gets discouraged when a lawyer, board member or compliance officer says no. He will discover new ways to communicate instead.

    Brian will be the primary provider for web planning, coding, design and implementation. He will also be our high-level expert on branding, communication strategy and fulfillment.

    The Shepard Art Studio connection

    Brian worked as a graphic designer on Linda Shepard’s staff at Nationwide. He was quickly promoted to a management position and left Nationwide about the same time as Linda. They’ve been collaborating on projects ever since.


    Brian has worked with Ohio Domestic Violence Network, The Ohio State University, The Medical Group of Ohio, Volunteers of America, Clean Fuels Ohio, The Ohio Alliance to End Sexual Violence, Green Columbus, The Columbus Medical Association and many more. He holds a bachelor’s degree from the Columbus College of Art and Design.

  • photo of Dan Holstine

    Dan Holstine

    Graphic Designer


    Dan is a creative with more than 20 years of graphic design and writing experience. He began his professional career in public relations, serving as a writer and account executive before becoming a freelance designer—creating graphics for print and web, writing copy and proofreading.

    What he can do for you

    Dan is a talented designer who can breathe new life into stale communications. If you have some pieces that you use all the time, and like the content, but wish there was a better, fresher way to break-up and communicate the information, Dan is your man. His unique combination of design with writing/editing skills adds value to visual communications.

    The Shepard Art Studio connection

    Dan worked as a graphic designer on Linda Shepard’s staff at Nationwide. He recently “made-over” a distributions booklet for MSRP. He combined two existing print pieces by merging content, eliminating redundancy and creating a logical flow.


    Dan is currently a full-time contract worker. Prior to that he served as the Creative Manager at West Virginia University Institute of Technology. However, he spent most of his career working in the creative department at Nationwide. His early career includes managing freelancers and public relations. Dan has a a bachelor’s degree in communications from West Virginia State University and a bachelor’s degree in web page, digital/multimedia and information resources design from Franklin University.